It Takes a Village…Philippines

This January 2024, our partner Helping Hands Healing Hearts Philippines marked a momentous occasion as they gathered to celebrate the groundbreaking of a Children’s Village for sick and vulnerable children, a haven that will provide temporary shelter and care for those who need it most. 

Helping Hands Healing Hearts Ministries (HHM) has a 21 year legacy of serving thousands of children and families from all over the Philippines. However, their current facilities are retro-fitted homes that are no longer well equipped for the demands and necessities of meeting the needs of the children. From daily care of children, palliative care facilities, multipurpose flex spaces, and administrative capabilities, HHM needs a space purpose-built to serve the wide variety of needs that are addressed by their team.

After years of praying and saving, HHM is excited to announce that they have purchased a 3,235 square meter plot of land in Tuba, Benguet, a few miles outside of Baguio City! They are currently raising money for construction on this property before the monsoon season begins. Construction will begin with Phase 1, the first two cottages on Jan 28th, 2024.  Phase 2 will follow as soon as funds are available.

The Children’s Village will be a safe haven for kids to come, heal, process, receive holistic treatment and hopefully return to their families healed and whole. The Children’s Village will have purpose-built Children’s Cottages for those who need residential care, a Children’s Recovery Unit for those who need medical care, a special wing for kids with special needs and a palliative care wing for children and families who need extra loving end of life care.  

If you would like to join ONE30 and unite with HHM in our shared mission to provide sanctuary for Filipino children in need, please consider praying for the success of this project and providing financial support as you are available. Thank you for being part of this transformative journey. In the Helping Hands Healing Hearts village, we are not raising orphans, we are raising sons and daughters. ❤️

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