Site Development at Kasese
The Kasese District of Uganda is among the fastest growing in the country with a higher poverty rate than the national average. For this reason, many children in the district are without adequate homes or educational facilities. ONE30 has a goal of providing safe, Christian homes and improved educational systems for the children of Kasese by building a village in the community of Kasese. Your investment will leave a legacy for many generations to come.
Uganda Trade School Kakoma Expansion
Currently, 24 students enrolled in an 18-month program at Uganda Trade School Kakoma are studying to become skilled tailors. They live, eat, sleep, and learn together within their school room. You can provide for the cost of one student's food for $90 per month (just $3 per day.) The goal is to expand enrollment to as many as 30 students! With this trade, these students will change the course of their future and positively affect their communities.
Uniforms for African Children
The ONE30 Network has been given the privilege to team up with Dreams Unified non-profit organization to provide new uniforms for children at House of Hope, Victorious, and Kinyamaseke Orphanages in Uganda. Students have been individually fitted. School colors and crests have been chosen. Your contribution of any amount will be directly applied to the purchase of fabric to ensure that each child receives a set of three uniforms!
Myanmar School Kids
The ONE30 Network would like to say "thank you" to the Church Partners who are helping to end the generational cycle of illiteracy for children in Yangon, Myanmar! Together we are building a bridge to a better education for an entire nation - one child at a time.
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