Site Development at Kasese

Building a Village at Kasese

Exciting things are beginning to happen in Uganda for the community of Kasese! In early 2024,
we are expected to break ground on the 12 acres of land that has been purchased as the first
step of realizing ONE30’s goal to provide safe, Christian homes and improved educational
systems for the children of Kasese.

The initial construction phase will include dormitories for children, a functional kitchen and
multipurpose area for classrooms as well as a bathhouse to accomodate the 300 students
currently living at the primary school and orphanage at Kinyamaseke.
The Kasese District is among the fastest growing in the country with a higher poverty rate than
the national average. For this reason, many of the children in this area are without adequate
homes or educational opportunities. Because of your investment, they now have fertile land
that is already producing crops and they will have the chance to live in a lovely, self-sustaining
village while they are developing.

The total cost of this project is projected to be over $500K. Thank you for leaving a legacy for
many generations to come!


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