Helping Hands Healing Hearts Ministries Philippines

For over 25 years, Claire Henderson, a missionary from Northern Ireland has dedicated her life to caring for sick and dying children who reside in Baguio and other parts of the Philippines.
The mission of Helping Hands Healing Hearts Ministries (HHM) is multifaceted and one with whom the ONE30 Network is proud to partner!

In the Philippines, when children are discharged from the hospital, oftentimes they are still very weak or in need of follow up care and treatment; however, due to the poor conditions where the children are residing, their families are ill-equipped to provide for the wellbeing of their children. In these circumstances, HHM works hand in hand with any willing family to try to help their child recover and be reunified. HHM allows for temporary living arrangements at the Children’s Recovery Unit (CRU) for both the child and a parent (if needed), proper nutrition, medical treatment, transportation to and from medical appointments, and HOPE for recovery and survival.

Although HHM prioritizes reintegrating children into their own biological families when possible, they have alternative parental placement options which are carefully considered for each individual child should they not have the option to return to their biological families. While children are awaiting the arrival of their forever family, HHM children live in the Children’s Home which is patterned as close to a “family home” as possible in order to make sure that each of the children feels the love and support of a family. It is the motto of Helping Hands Ministries that “we aren’t raising orphans, but sons and daughters.” And this is certainly evident given the love and support that these children receive!

It is within this loving environment that you will find the 30 Filipino children who are being supported by our generous ONE30 sponsors. Seeing these precious children have birthday parties, attend school, learn new skills, hear about Jesus, and feel the love that all children deserve, brings smiles to our faces every day. Helping Hands Healing Hearts Ministries is not just our partner organization, but they are a part of the ONE30 FAMILY!

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