Offering HOPE to Thailand

For the past couple of years, our network has led us to Thailand where we proudly partnered with Natalie Hope Harrison Mahawon, Founder of Hope Outreaches. “Bringing the light of Jesus to the unreached corners of the world and transforming families” has been a vision of Natalie since she left Alabama as a young missionary in 2020.

Through the ONE30 child sponsorship program, we have been able to consistently provide for several children in Thailand as Hope Outreaches has organized prevention, rescue and recovery programs for at-risk children from war torn areas of Burma. Hope Outreaches has provided them with safe shelter, basic necessities, love and care within a Christian environment.

Additionally, Hope Outreaches has intentionally aimed to reach entire family units by offering hope to impoverished communities and vulnerable people without adequate opportunities for a sustainable future and ONE30 has been able to be a part of this ministry by way of various service projects. We even enjoyed meeting many of the children and families that we have helped when we went on a trip to Thailand with Hope Outreaches in 2022.

While Natalie and her husband Sanan are continuing their ministry in Thailand, they are no longer working with the same children on a week to week basis. Their vision of bringing the light of Jesus to the unreached people and transforming families has expanded to various villages in Thailand. ONE30 would like to bless their ministry and continue to partner with them on a project basis; however, we will no longer be able to include them as part of our child sponsorship program as their ministry focus has changed.

If you would like to continue to support Natalie and Hope Outreaches, you can do so by donating through Daystar Church, our church partner’s giving portal at with a notation that your gift is for “Hope Outreaches – Natalie Mahawon.”

Thank you for offering HOPE to Thailand through Hope Outreaches! 

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