What to expect as a ONE30 Sponsor

  1. A letter – Our students enjoy sending messages to their sponsors. Each year, we do our best to get at least one letter to you from your child. We also have the ability to send electronic mail from you to the children. It is our desire that the two of you will have a fun time connecting through regular correspondence.
  2. A Photo – It is amazing to see how much children grow from one year to another! Once annually, ONE30 will send you an updated photo of your child. As you choose the perfect spot in your home to display this photo, we know that God will choose the perfect spot in your heart for you to carry the burdens of this child.
  3. A News Update – Because of your generosity, big things are happening all around the world in all of our schools and orphanages. While it is impossible to update you with each event, we pledge to give you an update at least once annually regarding the wonderful things that are happening in your child’s specific community. You can always access these updates on our social media platforms.
  4. A Chance to Go – One of the benefits of sponsoring a child with ONE30 is that you have the option to visit your child by joining us on one of our annual trips. Seeing the child you sponsor, giving him a real hug or high-five and placing a Bible in his hands or offering her a pretty new dress is such a memorable moment. We would love to have you GO with us!
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